Blinged-Color Photography by Steve Brown

veronica blades portrait

Featured in 2016 for his digital piece merging “Star Wars” and “The Last Supper,” UK photographer works under high-pressure environments for brands, publishing houses and television networks. To name a few: Dark Arts Publishing, Sony, and BBC. None of the pictures here reflect the latter, however, Brown has also focused heavily on portrait photography of skaters, IG celebs, and show girls—see Tete Bang and Veronica Blades. Projecting reds, pinks and blues to make human skin look metallic and super sensual—he enjoys experimenting with colors and different lighting positions.

veronica blades in red lighting, photography

tattooed, calligraphy face, portrait photography

diesel, muscle man, pink and blue light

tete bang, show girl., portrait photography

muscle portrait

blue and yellow muscle portrait

Images © Steve Brown