Geometry of the Soul: Tattoos by Brit Artist Paul Goodwin

geometric blackwork tattoo on back
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Like many new school tattooers, Paul Goodwin (aka “Offline”) studied fine arts at university before making the change to becoming a tattoo artist in 2015. He explains that his studies helped him view art in a broader manner and enabled him to express himself deeper and with more sincerity.

Goodwin’s abstract blackwork is formed by geometric shapes or ornamental and neo-tribal patterns. “I started by looking and learning from traditional styles of tribal and Japanese. Then thinking how I can use this in my own contemporary designs.” He’s also inspired by nature and science, titling his style as “Geometry of the Soul”—stating it is “the connection between the unseen nature in ourselves and a scientific understanding of nature which is more tangible and explainable.” And lastly music is a fuel for creativity, something he wants to explore more thoroughly with body art in the future.

minimalist tattoo, rectangles on arm, dotwork geometric work on chest
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linework, line tattoo on arm, minimalist geometric shapes on back, abstract tattoo geometric tattoo on arm abstract geometric tattoo blackwork tattoo on leg
Images © Paul Goodwin

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