Scarred For Life: The Digital Work of Tom Flanagan

tunnel vision, self-portrait
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Featured here is Tom Flanagan’s self-portrait shots of various titles from “Scarred for Life” to “Innocence Lost,” which explores his emotions/turmoils with life and coming of age. The photos digitally edited with cigarette-like-burns or bodies splitting open like ripe bananas show a darker side to the artist’s portfolio and career start; currently he works in Los Angeles as portrait and fashion photographer for several clients including COCO and InStyle magazines, and has continued taking self-portraits but in a more natural manner as seen on his Instagram channel.

innocence, photography the death of a vampire, portraiture
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
portraiture photography, digital flower in mouth, photography hole in mouth, burnt head split open burnt photo, self portraiture
Images © Tom Flanagan
Adriana de Barros

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