Flowers Bloom and Die: The Tattoos of Daniel The Gardener

floral blackwork tattoo on arm
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For almost a decade Argentinian artist Daniel the Gardener had a successful career as an illustrator, painter and performance artist, which has allowed him to travel the world for these jobs. In 2013 he changed direction to become a tattooist, starting on his own and then soon after getting an apprenticeship with Madame Chan and an opportunity to work with Julia Tobel for over a year in Berlin.

Presently working at Classic Tattoo Berlin studio, he is known for freehanding floral designs on his clients’ bodies. “I always had plants in all the places I lived. Two years ago, I finally moved to a flat with a big garden where I was able to learn and experience gardening for the first time.” He loves to watch these living organisms bloom and die to fully understand the process and incorporate some of that vibe into his tattoos. “I like working with the idea of plants and flowers but not necessary having to represent them as they really are; now I’m working on hybrid branches with a lot of different flowers coming from the same branch, or mixing petals (of different flowers) on one flower.”

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