Grace and Survival: The Beautiful Photography of Marta Syrko

water dripping from mouth, portrait

Well-known for her fine art, fashion and beauty imagery, Marta Syrko began working professionally as a photographer at the age of 16. Gorgeous lighting, motion, and colors are traits in her refined work. Often using a Canon 5d Mark IV, she states that “it is necessary to create a high quality picture, but it’s not the main thing.” From dancers posing in flowered shapes to a photo shoot with a model submerging in water but afraid of it (see above), she elevates each series with the models, subject matter, and uniqueness of composition and framing.

flower, woman bodies

holding pears, photography

dancers, photography

watermelon photo

smelling flowers, portrait

flowers and woman

dancers in motion, fine art photography

sleeping in flowers

Images © Marta Syrko