Dark Realities: An Update from Kavan the Kid

bound, rope tied to head, dark photography

Bound in thick rope, suffocating under a wet cloth … Kavan the Kid has continuously dedicated his lens to capturing dark and dramatic portraits. He shares behind-the-scenes footage to his creative process and editing of various works like “Relics” and “Heartless”on his Youtube channel. And mentioned (in a past interview) that “almost every photo that I do is a reflection of myself or the way I feel or think. That usually follows a darker, grittier feel. The sad realities of man in an abstract view.” In addition he has released a short film titled “Programmed” (2018) about modern man’s addiction to cell phones and the internet.

scream under sheet

sword, knight, fantasy photography

face in vegetation, photography

red painted body in forest

bound and tied in red sheets, dark photography

sword and blood

no sight, dark photography

red smoke, portrait photography

Images © Kavan the Kid