Graffiti Bombed Faces: Tattoos by Mashkow

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Looking at the portfolio of Russia’s Mashkow is like a flashback to 90s graffiti in New York City. Instead of walls and subways being bombed, it is his tattoo designs of female faces. They’re composed in an emotional and beautiful way—colors, textures, lettering … showing distinctly how skillful Mashkow is. And for the veracity of graffiti heritage he tags his name on each skin piece. In 2017, his work was in the “Realism” genre but nothing as creative and characteristic as what is shown here (done in 2018). In addition to tattooing, of course he does street art, and oil paintings. See more on Instagram.

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brunette girl, tattooed face closeup of tattoo, crying girl with graf face asian girl, tattoo, graffiti face panther graffiti on truck
Image 6 by Mashkow and Sergey Shanko
All other images © Mashkow

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