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Medieval, Stainless Glass Inspired Tattoos by Mikael de Poissy

religious, medieval, stainless glass tattoo on back

With over 20 years of experience, having started at 17, Mikael de Poissy has seen the underground of tattooing rise to mainstream; today he keeps busy as editor of Tatouage magazine and ambassador of Tattoodo. He’s also an avid vintage and antique collector of tattoo memorabilia, and his continuous study of history has been a big passion that has overlapped into his tattoo designs of medieval themes and stainless glass remakes. “My first needle on a stained glass window was … [ in 2012]. And it took about a year and a half between the time when I said ‘I’m going to do that,’ and where everyone said ‘he does that, he’s known for that.’” Before that time he was asked to ink something by a client and he would just do it, now it is unthinkable as Poissy has developed his own style that he prefers working on.

religious piece, stainless glass tattoo on back

king and queen, stainless glass tattoo on back

amazing tattoo, stainless glass tattoo on back

stainless glass tattoo on back

medieval tattoo on back

ribs, stainless glass tattoo

artist mikael de poissy working in studio

Images © Mikael de Poissy