Jenna Barton - Deep Forest Saint

Haunted by Animals: Cryptic Visions by Jenna Barton

Jenna Barton - Thicket

Twilight fields and haunted pool sheds set the stage for illustrator/designer Jenna Barton’s cryptic visions. Combining watercolor with digital processing, Barton populates her mysterious world with unusual anthropomorphic beasts—a horned saint, a smoke bear, and a shadow dog that revisits the viewer like an unsettling dream. With minimalist yet symbol-filled compositions, Barton invites the viewer to tell their own stories about these strange familiars and the messages they carry. Follow Barton on Instagram for more haunted encounters.

Jenna Barton - Grease and Smoke

Jenna Barton - Summer Dark

Jenna Barton - Canis

Jenna Barton - Wild Youth

Jenna Barton - Deep Forest Saint

Jenna Barton - Half-Light

Images © Jenna Barton