Don’t Follow the Masses: The Otto D’Ambra Interview

victorian mermaid tattoo on back

After our great interview with Frenchman NOON, we collaborated again with Tattrx on a second interview with Italian artist Otto D’Ambra at the Berlin Tattoo Convention.

Once a set designer in Milan, D’Ambra got tired of the fashion capital and established himself in London where he opened his private studio, “The White Elephant.” Elephants, rhinos, fishes and other animals are seen in eccentric hybrid forms, dissected, or doing circus acts—they are recurring subject matters which symbolize societal issues such as consumer spending and people following the herd and not being true to themselves. Illustrating in a versatile manner like on skin and also on paper through drawing and etching, Otto D’Ambra has exhibited his work extensively in art galleries and museums.

otto d'ambra at the berlin tattoo convention
closeup of tattoo machine Mermaid tattoo at berlin tattoo convention otto d'ambra tattooer holding sign: scene360 x tattrx
Tattoo art © Otto D’Ambra
Photos and Film © Scene360

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