Remakes & Modernism by Mess Tattoos

expressionist art tattoo on arm

Mess Tattoos moved from Istanbul to London to work as a full-time tattoo artist. Creatively submerging into the depths of Modernism—“my thoughts are shaped by the Art Movements. I moved from the lines of Futurism to my reinterpretations. The concept behind this art movement such as speed and expressionism, lead me to reaching the contemporary interpretation of my works.” And he gives other examples: “I shaped my designs as Picasso’s with details which are involved in Cubism; Léger, with his industrial lines in Futurism movement; Malevich with his approach to colours; Mondrian and his minimalist approach to the forms.”

Mess’s drawings are supposed to be simple in terms of use of lines and geometric shapes, yet representing through them emotion, movement and the complexity of our society.

abstract tattoo. line work , picasso style outer space abstract tattoo
son of man, magritte remake tattoo van gogh room, remake tattoo abstract shape and line tattoo cubism tattoo painterly tattoo on arm
Images © Mess Tattoos

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August 11, 2018 Art Body Art Tattoos