Raw and Empowering Queer Feminist Tattoos by Charline Bataille

Charline Bataille - persephone tattoo

Charline Bataille is a queer femme tattoo artist based in Montreal. She taught herself tattooing at home as a “DIY punk goal” and now works full-time at Minuit Dix. Her Instagram, which is gaining an enthusiastic following, immediately conveys Bataille’s style and politics; bright colours and mischievous characters—sporty goddesses, flaming banana ladies, and tiger-riding warriors captioned with “fuck the patriarchy”—assert their sexualities and presence without socially conditioned fear or shame. Her work is a radical departure from the male-centered tattoo industry, which is often filled with practices of sexism and body-shaming. The perfection of her tattoos is not a goal for Bataille, and she posts tattoos even when they have visible flaws. She is more concerned with giving her clients work that signifies celebration of their bodies, validation of their experiences, and healing. Check out this article on Bataille by i-D for more information.

banana character design, color tattoo

Charline Bataille - cat and frog freaks tattoo

Charline Bataille - Queer Eve tattoo

Charline Bataille - dancing devil tattoo

Charline Bataille - buffy tattoo

Charline Bataille - the fool tarot card tattoo

Charline Bataille - stripper dog tattoo

Charline Bataille - women studies

Charline Bataille - grumpy tattoo

Charline Bataille - queer warrior tattoo

Charline Bataille - ram and seagull

Images © Charline Bataille