Transcending Patterns: Tattoos by Keegan Sweeney

sacred geometry back tattoo
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Before his start in the tattoo field six years ago, Keegan Sweeney worked various jobs including construction—“I’m thankful for coming from those jobs that I hated doing, as they taught me what hard work is, and that’s been a strong foundation for me coming into tattooing!” Working primarily in black ink, his abstract patterned and sacred geometry designs are shaded in a way to create layers and depth. “I love doing dot for dot, it’s just as much about the process for me as it is for the client to get the end result, and when I do it this way it can almost be like a meditative state, or a flow state at times.”

Known as the “traveling artist,” this Australian is grateful for his job and the benefits it brings in traveling. “My best memories of traveling are when I’ve been in a redwood forest in New Zealand with trees over 100 years old, or jumping off a 10 metre waterfall in Indonesia, or standing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon; it reminds me that life is fleeting and we should try to be in the moment and enjoy it as much as we can,” he comments. Sweeney is also appreciative of his clients who come from all corners of the world to visit his studio in Adelaide.

stencil tattoo of mandala on leg sacred geometry chest piece, blackwork
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