Pain and Love: The Tattoo Designs of Yashka Steiner

full shot at tattoo convention berlin with tattooist

Swiss-based, second-generation tattooist Yashka Steiner has worked as a graphic designer for over twenty years, now less in the field and more focused on body art. “I don’t use a pen, I work against the machine,” states Steiner, who works similarly to former chess player Garry Kasparov—against the computer, meticulously thinking of every move, every line that forms a whole design. “My work is not so minimalistic . . . it could be more minimalist,” he addresses, in addition to telling us that he’s been inspired by minimalist artist Walter de Maria and others.

Having met up with Steiner in Berlin, we saw how peaceful and loving his working environment is with his clients. He looks for the essence of each person—both for interacting and design purposes; giving them the best experience possible. “When you give so much pain [tattooing] someone, you also have to give love,” he comments.

berlin tattoo convention: artist yashka steiner tattooing client's chest
Close up of chest tattoo, minimalist tattoo another closeup of wrist tattoo, blackwork tattooist yashka steiner
Tattoo art © Yashka Steiner
Photos and Film © Scene360

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