Update from Postminimalist Tattoo Artist Okan Uckun

Okan Uckun - orbit chest tattoo
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We featured the work of Okan Uckun in the past, but in the years since he has continued to create gorgeous tattoos. Formerly based in Turkey, he now works out of Bang Bang Tattoo in NYC. Minimalist tattoos seem to be all the rage at the moment (for example, see here), but Uckun distinguishes his work as “postminimalism” (and indeed, even has a book project titled “IMNOTMINIMAL,” coming this September). While there are minimalist foundations in Uckun’s work—geometry and parallel lines, for example—his work goes beyond that, adding elements of realism, as well as references to art, philosophy, and science, making his work clean but vastly interdisciplinary. Follow Uckun on Instagram.

Okan Uckun - shell tattoo Okan Uckun - hand of Adam and God geometry Okan Uckun - planet axis
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Okan Uckun - triangle horizon and mountain Okan Uckun - shell geometry Okan Uckun - circle ribs Okan Uckun - circle and lines tattoo Okan Uckun - triangle landscape Okan Uckun - forearm bars tattoo
Images © Okan Uckun

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