A Glimpse Inside the 2nd International Setubal Tattoo Show

closeup of tattoo, amilcar sousa, miketattoo
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It is another exciting year at the Setubal Tattoo Show located at the Sado Hotel, a former 19th-century manor house, with a terrace providing spectators a crisp panoramic view of the city. The event was more cozy and intimate than 2017, this time with a smaller number of artists in the booths but still highlighting many Portuguese talents like Mauro Amaral, Pepe Felix, Amilcar Sousa, Raya Souza, as well as international ones such as Riccardo Antolini, Tony Tuan Luong, Sowl Art, Pagio Peanuts and more. The booths were closer together, so it was easy to talk to the artists—making it a friendly, family-like environment that is not always present in bigger events.

Tattoos that caught our eye at the show were Lukasz Konsek’s (over 10-hours of inking) stylized portrait on his client’s thigh, and Luis Ferreira’s two-day-in-the-making of tribute piece of iconic fadista Amalia.

Above: Amilcar Sousa starting the outline of a gorgeous skin piece.
tattooer sowl art drawing, italian artist
Sowl Art’s graffiti background has largely influenced his tattoo art.
stencil tattoo on arm by micronomad
The start of a decorative tattoo by Micronomad.
tonytuanluong-germany, closeup tattoo at setubal tattoo show
German-based tattooist Tony Tuan Luong is super friendly and he loves wild cats!
Sérgio-Loretti-el___riot.loretti flash tattoo
Spectators are impressed with Sérgio Loretti’s drawings.
tattooer rodrigo-koala-84
Realistic portrait in the making; by Rodrigo Koala.
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
outline for tattoo by nelson sacramento
Close up of this elaborate tattoo by Nelson Sacramento.
pop art tattoo on leg by altoastraltattoostudio
A Lichtenstein-inspired tattoo by Alto Astral Tattoo Studio.
red and black tattoo on leg by konstattoo
One of the best skins of the show produced by Lukasz ‘Kons’ Konsek.
tattooing, inflatable
Italian artist Andrea Sabino made sure his client was very comfortable.
graffiti art, mural by amilcar sousa at setubal tattoo show
A mural created live at the event by Amilcar Sousa.
panoramic view of setubal, tattoo event
An amazing view from the Sado Hotel.
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