Shape-Shifters and Borderlands: Sculptures by Leah Brown

Leah Brown - Borderland, view through fabric and mirror
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Leah Brown is a Fort Lauderdale-based artist creating sculptures and installations based on her lucid dreams, which she has journaled about since childhood. “I create work about the borderland between what is considered real and what is not,” she writes in her bio. “These works begin as illustrations, but become artifacts of invocation, and I regard them almost as magical objects.” The result of her meditation and creation is a cast of shape-shifting characters that blur the imposed lines between human/animal, self/other, subject/object—in short, hybrids from the realms of liminality who share their own stories and messages in the mutable form of metaphors. Featured below are images of select sculpture-characters, as well as photographs (taken by Monica McGivern) of Brown’s otherworldly 2016 installation, “Transformation of Echo,” which was shown at the Young at Art Museum in Davie, Florida. Visit Brown’s website and Instagram for more.

Leah Brown - Transformation of Echo, installation view Leah Brown - Transformation of Echo, Halfcat, installation, photo by Monica McGivern Leah Brown - Weird Sisters, alternate view Leah Brown - Weird Sisters
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Leah Brown - Clinging Vines Cannot Stand Alone Leah Brown - The Nay Boars Leah Brown - Wolfie (front view) Leah Brown - Wolfie
Images © Leah Brown

"Transformation of Echo" installation photographs © Monica McGivern

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