Pastel Dreams: Photography by Karen Khachaturov

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A computer programming graduate turned photographer in 2014—Armenian artist Karen Khachaturov likes to snapshoot “lost people,” as he bluntly describes them, i.e. “without a clue that they are surrounded with a colourful life.” Color is a vital part of his visual work; using meticulously soft colors and props-and-people placed perfectly in the frames. Surrealism and fashion fuse well in his conceptual shots of series “Eargasm,” “Narcissism,” and “Post Soviet Kids” (view these still-lifes in video on Facebook). In addition to displaying his work online, he has also exhibited in art shows in Europe, Asia, and America.

girl holding plant stairs, people on stairs banana and socks
soviet kid eating burger, pastel photography piano and chairs yellow smoke in piano elderly with vacuum tennis court


Adriana de Barros

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June 5, 2018 Art Color Photography