Transgressive Portraiture of Historical Icons by Mathieu Laca

Mathieu Laca - Vincent Van Gogh

Mathieu Laca is a Montreal-based artist creating “deliciously appalling” oil paintings that transgress the conventions of traditional portraiture. The majority of his recent work focuses on various historical figures throughout the realms of art, literature, philosophy, and science. Whether he’s painting the face of Vincent van Gogh, Franz Kafka, or Frida Kahlo, there are always dense layers of distortion, their heads dissolving into impasto cliffsides and paint splatters, leaving only a luminous eye (or two). Rather than being concerned with realism, Laca’s work is “more about trying to capture the spirit.” Visit Laca’s website and Instagram to keep up with his work.

Mathieu Laca - Jeanne Moreau

Mathieu Laca - Friedrich Nietzsche

Mathieu Laca - Franz Kafka

Mathieu Laca - Franz Kafka detail

Mathieu Laca - Frida Kahlo - women's day

Mathieu Laca - Albert Einstein

Mathieu Laca - Samuel Beckett II

Mathieu Laca - artist painting

Mathieu Laca - artist with painting

Images © Mathieu Laca