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As Seen Through the Darkness: Digital Art by Lente Scura

Lente Scura - Il Corvo e Le Nuvole

Lente Scura, Italian for “dark lens,” has a working name reflecting both the atmosphere and meaning within his art. As he explains in an interview with Urban-Muse, his lens—his point of view—is expressed in a manner that is “surreal and mystical with dark emotional tones.” By combining photo-manipulation with digital painting, he submerges the subjects into a world of dark dreams, where the fury and beauty of emotion both consumes and liberates them. As the backdrop and the contours of the body meld into darkness, context and controlled reality are replaced with the individual in their purest—and perhaps most chaotic—state of presence, which ranges from euphoria to madness. Be sure to check out Lente Scura’s Instagram.

Lente Scura - Il Fiume In Profondita

Lente Scura - Il Viaggio a Hel

Lente Scura - Infestata

Lente Scura - L'arciere

Lente Scura - L'ora_del Te

Lente Scura - La canzone delle nuvole

Lente Scura - la carta della morte

Lente Scura - La Nebbia del Tuono

Lente Scura - piscina del ricordo

Lente Scura - Rimuovi Il Mio Cuore

Images © Lente Scura

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