Colorful Complexity of Coral Reefs Recreated in Paper by Mlle Hipolyte

pink paper cones, coral
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The colorful diversity of coral reefs lend themselves well to paper craft. Artist mlle Hipolyte has folded, rolled, and fringed the material into a variety of underwater-inspired forms for her work titled “Coralium.” Together, they comprise a two meter by one-meter piece; contained by a wooden frame, it’s as if we’re happening upon a living specimen. The astounding details are made even more impressive when you learn that Hipolyte crafted everything by hand; while not surprising, given her previous work, “Coralium” represents her most complex and mature effort to date.

Paper coral detail by mlle Hipolyte pink paper cones Paper coral detail by mlle Hipolyte
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blue paper closeup of paper coral Paper coral detail by mlle Hipolyte Paper coral detail by mlle Hipolyte Paper coral by mlle Hipolyte coralium, full paper art
Images © mlle Hipolyte
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April 25, 2018 3D Art Color Paper Art