Time and Mutation: Photo Weaving by Jason Chen

Jason Chen - K - Photoweave
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Jason Chen is a Philadelphia-based artist (and the co-founder of Paradigm Gallery + Studio) who experiments with the “movement, process, and mutation” of time—a.k.a., the “Fourth Dimension”—in an innovative process called photo weaving. Using multiple photos of the same subject, each taken within seconds of each other, Chen merges them piece-by-piece. From a distance, the eye assimilates the “threads” into one image, but upon closer inspection, the subject’s movements between photos are visible; this disparity creates a hallucinatory effect, like lapses in consciousness, exposing the subject’s changing state. Too often we look at photographs as representations of the singularity and wholeness of an instant; Chen’s work explores how life is a process of constant transformation, a molecular dialogue between the subject and the environment, and an indeterminable interplay of past, present, and future. Visit Chen on Instagram for more.

Jason Chen - Dislocated Jason Chen - Epilogue Jason Chen - G II - photoweave
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Jason Chen - G - photoweave Jason Chen - Ian Jason Chen - Jessica Jason Chen - La Eimi Jason Chen - Lose Found Innocent Jason Chen - The Antagonist
Images © Jason Chen

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