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Queen of the Double Eyes: Paintings by Alex Garant

Alex Garant - Love Me Eternally - 2017

After suffering a heart attack in 2012, Toronto-based artist Alex Garant had a renewed perspective on life and decided to devote herself to art full-time. Now, she is known internationally as the “Queen of the Double Eyes,” and aptly so; she paints faces as seen through a daze, with double sets of eyes and lips and shifting contours. The overlays are so realistic that they create a sense of unease and disorientation in the brain; however, if you can resist the nauseous instinct, this “vibrating” quality invites you to look past objective beauty and witness the fluctuating nature of essence within. Follow Garant on Instagram and Facebook for more of her incredible glitch art.

Alex Garant - My Big Life - oil on canvas

Alex Garant - Another Dusk - 2017

Alex Garant - Neptune on My Mind - 2016

Alex Garant - Myself Regretfully

Alex Garant - Psyche - 2016

Alex Garant - Wearing Your Dreams - 2017

Alex Garant - The Loudest Absence - 2017

Alex Garant - Revelations - 2017

Images © Alex Garant

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