The Weird and Endearing Darkheads of Agatha Schnip’s Tattoo Art

Agatha Schnips - darkhead with fan
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Agatha Schnips is a Berlin-based tattoo artist and the creator of “darkheads”: a creature she dreamt up about a year ago after being inspired by the atmospheres of horror- and dark-fantasy-based video games (“Dark Souls 3” and “Bloodborne” were cited as examples). Schnips told Scene360: “While being inspired with this weird but great beauty [of video games], I decided to draw this gender neutral, mysterious, humanoid creature that stares at you without knowing if it’s well intentioned or not.” Whether clad in battle gear or clutching a teddy bear, each darkhead has a new story behind it; “I want people to have their own interpretation of what they may represent for them,” the artist added. Follow Agatha on Instagram and Facebook.

Agatha Schnips - darkhead with bear Agatha Schnips - darkhead with crown
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Agatha Schnips - mermaid darkhead Agatha Schnips - darkhead with eel Agatha Schnips - darkhead with horn crown Agatha Schnips - darkhead with scorpion lantern Agatha Schnips - darkhead with skull
Images © Agatha Schnips

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