Puzzling Identity: Alma Haser’s Intriguing Paper Collage Portraits

Alma Haser - Heroda
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Alma Haser is a London-based (Germany-born) artist constructing complex portraits that delve into the nuances of identity. Some of the images featured here are from her “Within 15 Minutes” series, which explores the similarities and differences between identical twins; after photographing a set of twins, Haser then makes the photos into jigsaw puzzles, switching every other piece so that they are a perfect blend of each other. The result is two abstracted overlays that simultaneously reveal the twins’ similarities and differences, thereby showcasing how identity is not something that can be mathematically predicted or constructed. Haser’s other experiments in paper similarly create intrigue and ambiguity around her subjects, adding manifold layers to a single portrait. Visit her Instagram to view more.

Alma Haser - Hermon and Heroda Alma Haser - Lee Alma Haser - Lily and Francesca Alma Haser - Katerina
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Alma Haser - Curtis and Simon Alma Haser - Plant Alma Haser - Hands Alma Haser - Blue Alma Haser - Sarah Alma Haser - Bird
Images © Alma Haser

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