Gakkin x Nissaco: Blackwork Tattoos

Ringo, blackwork by gakkin and nissaco, london tattoo convention
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Both tattooists Gakkin and Nissaco are on our top picks of 2017. They’ve produced incredible works on skin, all in black ink, fusing both traditional and contemporary Japanese styles in their art. Their work is bold, beautiful and meticulous. Both artists are perfectionists, and seeing their line-and-dot-work up close at the London Convention really confirmed how skillful they are—in addition they picked up some awards including “1st Place Best Ornamental.” The tattooers collaborated on several pieces at the event, specific body parts (such as chest and hips) on NY client Ringo; his stomach previously done by Gakkin, painterly sleeves by Amanda Wachob, and full back by Kenji Alucky.

Above: Client Ringo showing his impressive torso tattoo suit.
Nissaco tattooing hips, london tattoo convention
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linework on hip by nissaco, blackwork tattoo at london tattoo convention Tattooed backs, london tattoo convention, japanese Nissaco showing mobile phone to a spectator, london tattoo convention
Tattoo art © Gakkin and Nissaco
Photos and Film © Scene360
Adriana de Barros

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