Time-Honored Artistic Practice With a Modern Twist by Andrey Surnov

Portrait of nude woman
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In the education of an artist, live figure painting is often part of the curriculum. The nude human form holds a rich tradition in art, with statues and paintings of it that date back thousands of years. Moscow-based artist Andrey Surnov carries on this practice with his portraits of women. The images feature tall, plus-size ladies who bare it all among props and causal interior spaces. While that’s not unusual, Surnov has a twist on the conventional with his use of digital techniques; it demonstrates that no matter how technologically advance we are, we still return to the classic lessons of art history.

Portrait of nude woman detail Portrait of nude woman
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Portrait of nude woman v Portrait of nude woman Portrait of nude woman
Images © Andrei Surnov

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November 20, 2017 Art Digital