Tragic Heroines and Ghoulish Creatures by Memorial Stitches

Embroidery of a woman riding on a broomstick

Carrie Violet, aka Memorial Stitches, creates delicate drawings in thread. Completely self-taught, her embroidery is the culmination of her studies in fashion design and illustration. The small scenes, stitched only with black floss, feature macabre women, ghoulish bats, and are inspired by the “Victorian sentiment.” In an interview, Violet explains, “I’m drawn to both the darkness and light in literature and art.” Folklore is also an influence. “I’ve always be drawn to tales of tragic ghostly heroines. Drowning in lakes after being jilted by lovers and riding horses headless through leafy trails.”

Embroidery of a woman bat

Embroidery of a faceless woman

Embroidery of a bat holding a skull


Embroidery of a cat holding a skull

Embroidery of a spider

Embroidery of a bat holding a coffin

Images © Memorial Stitches