Animals Art Black & White Drawing

The Fantastically Fragile Natural World of Zoe Keller

Skeleton and animal drawing

Inspired by the natural world, illustrator Zoe Keller creates compelling combinations of plants and animals in an intricate detail. Her fascination began as a young child, and she conveys that same love in her work. With it comes a twinge of sadness for the state of our world, which happened well before the Trump became the leader of the free world. In 2015, she told Light Grey Art Lab, “This moment in time—as our planet faces a man-made mass extinction—is an especially important one to explore how incredible the natural world is. I hope that my work can do a little to make people realize how fantastically, fragilely diverse the life on our planet is.”

Drawing of snakes

Bird with a snake wrapped around its neck

Turtle with mushrooms growing out of its shell

Turtle with mushrooms growing out of its shell

Drawing of two birds atop other land creatures

Drawing of turtles and coral

Group of rams

Two birds guarding a nest

Images © Zoe Keller.