A Korean Twist on Iconic Fine Art: Pitta KKM Tattoos

Korean inspired Gustav Klimt tattoo adaptation by Pitta KKM
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Art masterpieces get revamped by Korean tattooer, Pitta KKM. From Picasso to Michelangelo to Magritte, from the waves of Hokusai to the temples of Chūta, KKM pulls inspiration from all over, updating their work through the lens of his heritage.

“In Korea, there are traditional colors called ‘오방색’ (five direction colors),” he explains. “Blue, white, red, black and yellow for east, west, south, north and middle,” respectively. This is his palette. “I always use clouds and colors in the traditional pattern, with some elements like Tiger, Crane, Lotus, and ‘Dancheong’ from Korean architecture.”

Tattooing remains illegal in Seoul, where KKM is based. “It’s hard to get supplies like needles, inks and machines. We always have worries about getting caught … But traveling, I meet great guys in the tattoo scenes of other countries,” which inspires his work and keeps hope alive for the future of tattooing back home.

Neon Japanese temple tattoo by Pitta KKM Flying spaghetti monster tattoo by Pitta KKM Modern Japanese hokusai wave tattoo by Pitta KKM
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Korean-inspired Magritte fine art tattoo by Pitta KKM Picasso tattoo adaptation by Korean artist Pitta KKM Korean Japanese mudra hand tattoo by Pitta KKM Korean art inspired flower tattoo by Pitta KKM Tiny lighthouse tattoo by Pitta KKM Psychedelic landscape tattoo by Pitta KKM Psychedelic mushroom landscape chestpiece tattoo by Pitta KKM
Photos © Pitta KKM

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