Breaking Free to Find What’s Real: Tattoos by Andrea Raudino

Demon-like creature on lower arm

Tattoo artist Andrea Raudino, aka Nemo, finds himself inspired by everything. The bold works have an airbrush-style feel to them, as the black edges diffuse with a fine splatter to them. This style is informed by the world around him, particularly other forms of pop culture. After beginning tattooing at age 17, he modified his drawings to adhere to “tattoo rules.” Eventually, he knew he had to break free of the “tattoo world.” He tells me in an email, “My real inspiration [comes] from what I like, what I see, the places I’ve been, movies and I see, and [books] I read.” Now, he embraces changes and “whimsical proposals” to create images that are completely his own.

Demon-like creature on upper arm Girl riding creature tattoo on leg
Bear tattoo on leg Bird tattoo on art Spider tattoo on thigh Geisha tattoo on arm Pokemon tattoo on leg
Images © Andrea Raudino
Sara Barnes

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