Beetles on arms

Illustrative Tattoos Design with Subtlety by Sollefe

flower and insect drawing, black pen

Some tattoos are meant as statement pieces for the body, while others take a subtler approach. Tattoo artist and illustrator Sollefe takes her passion for drawing and translates it into small body art that the wearer can enjoy solo. (Or, reveal it to whomever they chose.) Done in black ink, the images mimic the quality of her ink drawings on paper. Often, they directly inform one another, as her detailed spot illustrations are then translated into a stencil for the body.

Sollefe has her hand in many creative endeavors, and one of them includes teaching. In a recent workshop, she guided students on how to come up with and draw their own tattoos.

Skull among flowers

Beetles on arms

Hand holding flowers

flower drawing

Butterfly tattoo with flowers

Heart with a flower growing inside

Fox jumping on shoulder

Rib cage in the shape of a heart

Tiny panda on arm

Astronaut floating on leg

Images © Sollefe