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A Little Bit Strange, Surreal, and Sensual: Tattoos by Trobbies

Line drawing hands on stomach tattoo

Illustrator and tattoo artist known simply as Trobbies draws on skin and paper in The Hague, Netherlands. His minimalist line art features portraits of half-faces and hands, with each of them folding into one another like knocked-down dominoes. Fractured and split, it’s hard to make sense of what kind of story Trobbies is trying to tell, and he’s fairly elusive about his artistic philosophies. “Draw it on, cut it out, place it right,” he writes me in an email.

Trobbies also describes himself as “A child without toys, but with a heart of red plastic. Under the spell of women, but with limited desire. On Sunday the night, on Tuesday the vegetables. Constantly looking for boundaries between dishonest and fair, flaw and vulgar, sexy and obscene.”

The curious creative currently has a tattoo pop up in the multi-use venue called The Formery Space. There, he is tattooing customers and selling original works of art.

Multiple figures along the back

face, linework by trobbies

Half face down an arm

Fractured figures, linework tattoos

Fingers walking down stairs

Figure split by stairs by Trobbie

Images © Trobbies