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Tiny, Creepy-Cute Sculptures by Qimmyshimmy

qimmyshimmy - the best of you 2

Qimmyshimmy is a designer and “accidental sculptor” from Singapore (currently based in the Netherlands) who has been gaining attention on Instagram due to her creepy-cute subject matter: particularly, the tiny sleeping babies and disembodied human hearts she’s been sculpting. With soft skin and sleeping faces, the babies look quite endearing—except that Qimmyshimmy often arranges them in ways that invoke our curiosity and unease; for example, their heads are occasionally detached and stuffed into gumball machines or pill packets. The exposed hearts are disconcerting for more obvious reasons, but in everything she creates, Qimmyshimmy has a way of exposing the beauty and discomfort of vulnerability.

qimmyshimmy - miniature hearts 2

qimmyshimmy - heart sculpture with fangs

qimmyshimmy - happy pills 2

qimmyshimmy - neverland

qimmyshimmy - neverland

qimmyshimmy - where do babies come from?

Images © Qimmyshimmy