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Everyday Life Expressed as Surreal Paintings by Alice Wellinger

Double exposure style portrait

Austrian-based artist and illustrator Alice Wellinger finds inspiration in the “troubles of daily life and childhood memories.” To depict these confusing, conflicting, or just plain annoying thoughts and situations, she illustrates them as surreal paintings. The double-exposure effect is common in her work—a portrait of a person, for instance, is fused with faraway landscapes or fractured and split into pieces.

Wellinger offers relatively little about each of her paintings, but she shares this quote by Karl Valentin: “Kunst ist schön, macht aber viel Arbeit.” Translated, it says, “Art is beautiful, but it does a lot of work,” and it is a succinct way of viewing Wellinger’s images. Aesthetically they’re pleasing, and the compelling image leaves a lot to the imagination.

double exposure style painted portrait

moth with landscape painted on wings

Surreal mirror painting

Fractured portrait of a woman

double exposure painting

mirrored portrait painting of a women

balloon among cacti

face with eye in place of facial features

painting covering private

Images © Alice Wellinger