Pop Culture Dystopias: Digital Art by Filip Hodas

Filip Hodas - Pop culture dystopia, Hello Kitty
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Filip Hodas is a 3D artist from Prague who uses computer software to render stunning, hypermodern landscapes (he was part of our “Amazingly Complex 3D Art” feature). In this new series, using Substance Painter and Illustrator/Photoshop, Hodas has been producing incredible pop culture dystopias; from Coca-Cola to Pac Man, big-name brands and recognizable cartoon characters have been super-sized to resemble deteriorating, futuristic artifacts and machinery. One might imagine that in a millennia from now, long after the fall of capitalism, Earth’s barren terrain will be littered with ominous, defunct icons such as these.

Filip Hodas - Pop culture dystopia, mushroom kingdom, Mario Filip Hodas - Pop culture dystopia, Space Invaders
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Filip Hodas - Pop culture dystopia, Coca Cola can Filip Hodas - Pop culture dystopia, Pac Man Filip Hodas - Pop culture dystopia - McDonald's Happy Meal
Images © Filip Hodas

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