Flower Lines: Beautiful New Photographs by Alva Bernadine

Alva Bernadine - Yin L flower legs
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British photographer Alva Bernadine is no stranger to our magazine. We’ve featured his “Succubus” and “Reflect Upon This” series before, both of which are provocative for the ways in which they fragment and distort the body. However, in his newest series, titled “Flower Lines,” Bernadine has highlighted the beauty and curiosity of the body in a softer and simpler way: by lining the curves and creases of the models with fresh blossoms. Suddenly, the spaces between arms and legs and along the sides of the torso become colorful garlands, accentuating the radiance of the skin and the symmetry of the body parts.

Alva Bernadine - Alisha flowers twist Alva Bernadine - Alisha red flowers elbow Alva Bernadine - Alisha underarm Alva Bernadine - Alisha yellow flowers forearms Alva Bernadine - Anna flower torso
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Alva Bernadine - Anna back of legs Alva Bernadine - Lou Gerbers shoulders Alva Bernadine - flower line crotch Alva Bernadine - Flower line red Alva Bernadine - Alisha thigh cross Alva Bernadine - Loulou flowers Alva Bernadine - Loulou half-length Alva Bernadine - Anna rose thighs
Images © Alva Bernadine
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