Finding Harmony: Tattoos by Mariusz Trubisz

Line tattoo with red dot accent

Wroclaw-based tattoo artist Mariusz Trubisz fuses several visual styles into a single tattoo. Delicate portraits are paired with bold colors and shapes, and the juxtaposition speaks to the larger concepts surrounding his work. “The basic idea behind my tattoo design is the symbiosis of human and mother nature,” he tells me. “I feel like these days we try too hard to control nature instead of living the same rhythm. With most of my designs I just try to show how these two worlds can perfectly work together.” This harmony extends to his clients, too. “My main philosophy is to make the design work the best for me and my customer. We are the two most involved in the process and as long and just two of us are happy with the outcome the mission is accomplished.”

pink, nude body, linework

abstract portrait tattoo

nude art tattoo

painterly tattoo, woman

head portrait tattoo

nude tattoo, flowers

heart tattoo, nude woman

sadness tattoo blackwork, dotwork




Images © Mariusz Trubisz