Delicate Nature Tattoos that Empower by Emily Kaul

Bud tattoos with watercolor background
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Inspired by “the gorgeous and glorious natural world,” Portland-based Emily Kaul became interested in tattooing once she got some ink for her herself. It was during this initial session that “she fully experienced the immense power that this art form could embody.” Kaul later got licensed and created a tattoo studio where her clients could be their true selves. Now, she works primarily with other women on body art that “inspires, heals, and empowers.” For those who are apprehensive about getting a tattoo—or live too far away from the Pacific Northwest—Kaul sells a selection of designs as temporary tattoos.


bee tattoo Mountain scene with triangles of color behind it
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moth tattoo Nature scene with orange sun accent berries tattoo flower tattoo on arm Hedgehog with gradient accent Jellyfish with colorful design behind it
Images © Emily Kaul

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