Gorgeous Ornamental Ink by Ellemental Tattoos

Ellemental Tattoos - upper back ornamental tattoo, blackwork 2
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Ellemental Tattoos is the title of a Berlin-based tattoo artist who is making waves on social media with her stunning blackwork tattoos. Combining traditional Mehndi patterns with paisleys and contemporary mandalas, she transforms portions of the body into ornamental armor. Many of her pieces are large, spanning the entirety of her clients’ backs. She even turns tricky areas such as kneecaps into stunning patterns, using the anatomy of the joint to accentuate the three-dimensionality of the design. With her mastery of linework and her clear dedication to crafting unique patterns for each individual body, she is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Ellemental Tattoos - ornamental back tattoo Ellemental Tattoos - upper back and neck ornamental tattoo Ellemental Tattoos - back of knee tattoo Ellemental Tattoos - ornamental blackwork tattoo, linework, full back tattoo Ellemental Tattoos - upper back and shoulders ornamental tattoo
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Ellemental Tattoos - hip tattoo Ellemental Tattoos - back of neck tattoo Ellemental Tattoos - back of knees ornamental tattoos Ellemental Tattoos - beautiful back of neck tattoo, ornamental tattoo, blackwork Ellemental Tattoos - upper thigh tattoo Ellemental Tattoos - ornamental full back tattoo Ellemental Tattoos - knee tattoo, ornamental blackwork
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