Absurdist and Avant-Garde Ink by Heavenly Beauty Tattoo

open eyed trypophobia tattoo by ilia zharkov

Avant-garde artist Ilia Zharkov is hungry for the madness that lies just beneath the surface. As an engineer, he fell in love with geometric precision. As a Moscow-based Millennial, he learned that perfection is also usually a lie. Whether we’re whitewashing our own stories with photo filters, or covering up scandals with propaganda, flawless images only tell part of the story.

These tensions manifest in his tattoo art, as geometric shapes ominously unravel, or picturesque scenes get thrown into chaos. The anxiety-ridden, yet deliberate, freehand linework fights with the original subject as if to say, “this is both meaningful and meaningless, forever.”

Zharkov now works under the pseudonym Heavenly Beauty Tattoo, a name he calls a “sarcastic symbol of desperate and unrequited love.” With both sincerity and snark, the name sums up his absurdist philosophy on tattooing and on life itself.

abstract lines and vortex, tattoo on thigh

doodle tattoo on arm, black and grey inks

Doodle tattoo with realistic tiger portrait

doodle body with realistic hea

realistic eye tattoo

Sketch drawing with realistic people

Doodle tattoo, walrus and woman portrait

blackout tattoo with realistic portrait

flower, abstract tattoo, tulip

Images © Ilia Zharkov.