Tattoos by Mowgli are Tiny Microcosms on Skin

fracture geometric tattoo by Mowgli
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Mowgli wants his tattoos to perplex you. “Nothing should make sense,” he says. “You should break the rules and break the norms and surpass expectation.” This is evident throughout his work. Inspired by portraiture, geometry, nature, and science, he can’t focus on just one interest. His tattoos are a fusion of those fields—realistic-style faces overlap with flattened lines and decorative motifs. But somehow, it all works. The result are images that are tiny microcosms of the world.

abstract portrait, black ink, tattoo wolf girl, portrait tattoo on thigh abstract tattoo on ribs
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animal skull tattoo on thigh scientific tattoo on arm science, nature, portrait tattoo frida khalo portrait tattoo on arm
Images © Mowgli.

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