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Bodies of Emotion: An Update from Alex Stoddard

Alex Stoddard - You Only Live Twice

We’ve featured the work of LA-based photographer Alex Stoddard before, but over the last year, he has continued to create a stream of mind-blowing imagery. Featured here are 10 self-portraits, all containing his characteristic symbolism and emotional potency. Whereas his previous work explored scenes of the human experience in grand environments, Stoddard tells us that his more recent work has shifted its focus to the subject, intent on capturing them and the subtleties of what they are feeling. In these images, landscapes and the elements function to accentuate the natural drama of the body, externalizing the complex forces of emotion that are too-often repressed inside; the result is a revelation of the subject’s vitality, told through the form of Stoddard’s stunning visual poetry.

Alex Stoddard - portrait with skull

Alex Stoddard - Veins Running Dry

Alex Stoddard - A Reflection on the State of Things

Alex Stoddard - Spring

Alex Stoddard - This Is It

Alex Stoddard - Paper in the water

Alex Stoddard - Dying Angels

Alex Stoddard - Far enough

Alex Stoddard - The Air Up There

Images © Alex Stoddard