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Morbid and Mysterious Illustrations by Virginia Mori

Virginia Mori - Funerale

Virginia Mori is an Italian artist who resides and works in Pesaro and Milan. Using BIC pens on paper, she draws visions from a Victorian-esque nightmare; young girls wearing dark dresses and long hair, accompanied by their shadowy animal companions, are witnesses of and participants in a number of strange situations. As it often happens in dreams, each scene of absurdity and violence is met by the girls’ passivity, as if the experience were a normal part of lived existence. In an interview with Style.No.Chaser, Mori describes herself in two words: “good and bad”—a self-summary that is reflected in the neutrality and open-mindedness of her beautiful work. As for the meaning behind the illustrations, she asserts that there are no clear answers; “I am not trying to explain anything with certainty with my art. I just want to suggest strange feelings and situations in a metaphoric way.” Follow Mori on Instagram to keep up with her creations. She also makes animations, which you can view here.

Virginia Mori - Gomer

Virginia Mori - Cancello

Virginia Mori - cheerleader

Virginia Mori - Testamolla

Virginia Mori - Missing Cat

Virginia Mori - Jump

Virginia Mori - L'urlo

Virginia Mori - Lenzuola

Virginia Mori - Letto Castello

Virginia Mori - severed head illustration

Images © Virginia Mori

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