A Modern Picasso: The Cubist Tattoos of Mike Boyd

Mike Boyd original David Bowie tattoo
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Look twice. Cock your head. That’s the reaction Mike Boyd wants. Picasso-era paintings, new school flash and traditional street art all meld together in his cubist tattoos. “I love the strange juxtaposition of angles and colors, and yet it’s still recognizable,” he says. “I like the fact that it… doesn’t quite look right.”

On the road often, Boyd picks up regional influences wherever he goes. “I want to see as much as I can, and develop my tattooing in new ways that will give me an edge in this very competitive industry.” Traveling is vital, he believes, to avoiding stagnation. “You can’t stand still in tattooing nowadays.”

Clockwork Orange tattoo design by Mike Boyd Cubist woman tattoo design by Mike Boyd
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
Cubist skull and rose tattoo by Mike Boyd Mike Boyd geometric portrait tattoo Contemporary art trumpet tattoo by Mike Boyd Modern art tattoo portrait by Mike Boyd Picasso inspired portrait and rose tattoo by Mike Boyd International Womens Day silhouette tattoo by Mike Boyd
Images © Mike Boyd
Morgan English

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