Mind-Melting And Eye-Popping Artwork by James Jean

James Jean - Adrift II - Cover
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James Jean is a renowned Taiwanese-American artist who has produced work for big-name clients such as DC Comics, Prada, and ESPN. In 2008, he retired from illustration to focus on painting. His style is chaotic, flowing, psychedelic, and eclectic, bearing artistic influences from “Chinese scroll paintings, Japanese woodblock prints, and Renaissance portraiture.” Despite this range of genre experimentation and his ever-evolving color palette, Jean’s art remains brilliantly cohesive, commanding our attention through dynamic compositions. The universal worlds he presents to us are vast in their energies and subject matter, ranging from full-bodied eroticism to moments of dark introspection. Visit his website to view more of his astoundingly beautiful art.

James Jean - Melon James Jean - Udon James Jean - Toile
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Tatoo book
James Jean - Dolly Varden, color phase James Jean - Children of the Holocene James Jean - Pomegranate James Jean - Girl and Wolves
Images © James Jean

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