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Hyperrealistic Paintings of Fragmented Faces by Ben Howe

Ben Howe - Shell

Ben Howe is an Australian artist (born in London) who paints hyperrealistic depictions of sliced and crumbling faces. His series “Surface,” featured here, explores in mind-bending detail the “density, flexibility, and texture of human flesh.” In some cases, the texture of stone is replicated, giving the images and their clean compositions a statue-like appearance. Recurring in his work are the themes of time and consciousness, and how these ephemeral concepts manifest unseen in the physical body; as skulls unravel into ribbons and faces collapse into clean slices, there is a profound sense of disjointed identity and sorrow, and in some cases, a feeling of tranquility that arrives through the unravelling and surrender of the mind. View more of Howe’s captivating work on his website and Instagram.

Ben Howe - Alignment

Ben Howe - Late in the Day

Ben Howe - Nest

Ben Howe - Ribbon Bust

Ben Howe - Sliced Head

Ben Howe - Something to Hold Onto

Ben Howe - Somewhere in Time

Ben Howe - Tectonica

Ben Howe - Tilted Head

Ben Howe - Two Heads

Images © Ben Howe