Forest-Inspired Tattoos and Drawings by Katarzyna Krutak

bird tattoo on neck
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Katarzyna Krutak is an illustrator and tattoo artist who says she’s “inspired by the smell of the forest.” Her images are a smattering of approaches, with one figure containing repeat patterns, energetic scribbles, and intricate dotwork. The flattened aesthetic has a folk art look and feel, as if these figures were plucked from a storybook. And indeed, some of her pieces are inspired directly from tales like “Little Red Riding Hood.”

Although Krutak’s portfolio is half drawing and half body art, she maintains a station at Voice of Ink in Wroclaw, Poland.

bear and other animals, drawing
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Tatoo book
love dance tattoo, two portaits abstract folk art drawing racoon tattoo tree man, folk art whale with parachute tattoo, ribs
Photos © Katrarzyna Krutak

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