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Rituals of the Sleepless Dead: Dark Art by Dehn Sora

Dehn Sora - Treha 2

Dehn Sora (aka, Vincent Petitjean), is a French graphic designer, art director, and composer who builds sonic, hallucinatory worlds driven by ancient rituals and living death. On the Bandcamp page for his dark ambient project Treha Sektori, Dehn Sora simply states, “We’re born with the knowledge of death.” The presence of death—bold, fearless, unfeeling—permeates all his creative endeavors, such as the illustrations and photo manipulations featured below. Relic-like skulls, unidentifiable in their species of origin, sit displayed like cursed relics. Elsewhere, human and animal bodies pose fragmented or partially decomposed as if they have lifted themselves from the dirt. As a multi-disciplinary artist, Dehn Sora’s work is a synesthetic experience, calling the viewer into a quasi-religious space, melting the senses into a visceral worship for the natural forces of death and decay. See the video at the bottom for an example of how he melds film direction with his signature dark style.

Dehn Sora - Treha Promo

Dehn Sora - Relic 2

Dehn Sora - Relic 1

Dehn Sora - Relic 3

Dehn Sora - Brugge 8

Dehn Sora - Brugge 1

Dehn Sora - Brugge 6

Dehn Sora, Ban Promo, creepy deer centaurs

Images © Dehn Sora