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Exploring the Posthuman Body in Sculptures by Bogdan Rata

The surreal sculptures of Romanian artist Bogdan Rata explore the transformation of the body on a hyper-modern social scale. Drawing upon posthumanism—that is, the philosophies that delve into what it means to be “human” in the age of nanotechnology and bio-engineering—Rata makes his bodies out of processed materials such as polyester, synthetic resin, and industrial paint. Each sculptural form is disfigured in some way, deviating from the natural human by lacking body parts or incorporating inorganic growths. Despite their strangeness, Rata has instilled each sculpture with a sense of innocence and sentience, thereby challenging our ideas of what constitutes a “full” human, and foreshadowing the kinds of questions we may have to ask ourselves about our species in the future.

Bogdan Rata - The Lake

Bogdan Rata - The Pressure

Bogdan Rata - The Cure II

Bogdan Rata - God's Hand

Bogdan Rata - Deposition

Bogdan Rata - head with ears

Images © Bogdan Rata

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